Fun and fashion on Roaring 20s Day

By Dominique C. ’16

The annual eight-grade Roaring 20s inspired History Day at Wyoming Seminary Lower School was a blast from the past. The day started out as my classmates and I, dressed as flappers and mobsters, filed into the eight-grade hallway. Of course, everyone mingled and complimented each other on our costumes, but after homeroom it was time for classes.

By the time history class came around I could barely sit still, which turned out to be a good thing. Mr. Switzer immediately turned up the record player as the class cut-a-rug to a famous dance from the twenties, the Charleston. We also sang songs, took pictures, and even played games. Unfortunately social studies class had come to an end, and we continued our day and attended other subjects, but the fun wasn’t over.

When classes were over, the eighth graders and their team of teachers anxiously packed the auditorium seats as the lights dimmed. Soon enough an old, silent movie, came to life on the screen. The Phantom of the Opera is a story that we all already knew, but it was fascinating to see how the story was depicted without sound. After the silent movie, we enjoyed snacks and beverages, and then it was playtime. The backfield had games such as croquet, my favorite, and beanbag tosses, and the gym was occupied with badminton courts. We each got a chance to play the games we wished, and truly experience how people our age from back then had fun. Roaring 20s day was my favorite living history day. It was so much fun to experience a day in the 1920s.



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